Below is damn near every 7" (single) AmRep ever released. Click on the small images for a larger view and for availability info as we might have a very small quantity for sale. They are at collector prices as we only have quantities of 5 or less and have just been unearthed from the stock room archive boxes.

Anyone who has a problem with the pricing, call your therapist. We chose to do it this way instead of just putting 'em on Ebay. Most of these have been out of print from the moment they were released, and in some instances that means 18 freaking years ago - so I don't want to hear it.

Also the information provided is to our best recollection. Remember that we cranking out up to 3-4 releases a month at some points, all the while drinking our way to early diabetes, so our recollection can be questioned to say the least.


SCALE 1-27   SCALE 28-52   SCALE 53-77   SCALE 78-102   SCALE 103-110

Halo of Flies
Scale 02

Halo of Flies
Scale 03

Halo of Flies
Scale 04

The Thrown Ups
Scale 05

Halo of Flies
Scale 06

The Thrown Ups
Scale 07

Scale 08

The Thrown Ups
Scale 09

God Bullies
Scale 10

Dope Guns N Fucking
in the Streets 1
Scale 12

Halo of Flies
Scale 13

Lonely Moans
Scale 14

Pogo The Clown
Scale 15

Dope Guns N Fucking
in the Streets 2
Scale 16

Scale 17

Dope Guns N Fucking
in the Streets 3
Scale 18

Halo of Flies
Scale 19

Bush Pig
Scale 20
Scale 21

Scale 22

Dope Guns N Fucking
in the Streets 4
Scale 23

Scale 24

Scale 25
The Thrown Ups
Scale 26

Scale 27

 SCALE 1-27   SCALE 28-52   SCALE 53-77   SCALE 78-102