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6 • 6 • 06

Okay it’s been over a year so I’m checking back in with any news. If you’ve been paying attention, we did a Melvins single. Once again it was tied to the boys playing at Grumpy’s, in Minneapolis. Also their show was part of the huge opening bash we held as we were hosting the annual Juxtapoz 2006 Group Show (um, that’s an art show for those of you that seldom let your interests wander from the ROCK). The singles sold out in about 10 minutes, and we’re selling on Ebay for triple what we were selling ‘em for 10 minutes after that. For more info on the art show, go to

A new addition to the website is an AmRep message board for all things AmRep. Anybody desperate to find out the members of Halo Of Flies shoe sizes, or how many takes it took the Cows to nail “Mine” on Cunning Stunts....well you’ve found a new home. Odds are you’ll get more up to the minute info there than you will ever get at our “news” section....ahem. An example would be with the Melvins single being announced there a month or better before it’s release there, rather than after the fact here!

There is a new series of AmRep singles coming out. They are the precursor to a big project that NYC artist DALEK and myself (HAZE XXL) have been working on, and the final version of this will be released on Ipecac Recordings. For samples and an explanation of the project check the website A Purge Of Dissidents. First single of the series is available there, with a stellar guest performance of Craig Finn (Lifter Puller / The Hold Steady) and next looks like it may be with David Yow (Scratch Acid / Jesus Lizard) as well as performances by Melvins, Grant Hart, Kenny Mog 555 and others.

See you next year...hopefully.

No it’s not an induction ceremony of the Punk Rock Hall of Fame, it’s (L-R) Chris Mars (Replacements), Tim Kerr (Big Boys / Monkey Wrench), some hanger on, and Grant Hart (Husker Du) front row, whom were all attending the Juxtapoz / Melvins show this March.

2 • 07 • 05

Well it looks like this news update might be an annual affair at best.  AmRep is still pretty much shut down, and the site serves more for info purposes and for selling stuff still sitting around in the back room. So those folks who take it personal when we say NO DEMO’S, it’s to save you the time and expense as we aren’t putting out new bands!

For those of you living in the download age. Good news. Most of the AmRep catalog has just become available through E Music and iTunes. A lot of songs and LP’s that have been out of print included. Considering we haven’t repressed anything since 1996, that means a lot of stuff! I myself finally broke down and got an iPod, as I was sick of replacing all the CD’s that would get lost in the office, Bar, Car and points in between. I think it was the 5th time I was buying the MC5’s “Kick out The Jams” CD that I finally had enough. The holes in finding some of the major “indie” and underground stuff on these services leaves a lot to be desired, but I have been surprised in some of the stuff I have found. Some obscure Scientists tracks that I hadn’t even found on CD yet, the first Birthday Party lp, the entire Pussy Galore catalog, both VAZ lp’s. Now if I could find THUG “Kill your Dad”  or World Domination Enterprises “Asbestos Lead Asbestos” on iTunes, I’d be a fucking happy camper.

Not a ton to report in the way of AmRep or AmRep family news. Helmet (version 2) were through town this fall, and I gotta say despite some personal reservations they stomped some serious ass. I didn’t think it could compare without Henry or John there, but I have to admit the new outfit pulled it off with room to spare. Every time I’ve caught the Heroine Sheiks coming through town is a treat as well. Shannon has carried the Cows torch extremely effectively, and when I see him with the new band it definitely captures old school COWS genius. Same can be said regarding recorded output. VAZ (2/3rds of Hammerhead) have actually surpassed how great they were in Hammerhead, and proved it this winter as they came back to town. If you were ever a fan of Hammerhead and you haven’t tracked down the 2 Vaz LP’s you’re missing out in a huge way. I heard Chokebore finally went on hiatus after 10 plus years of plugging away at it. Their last lp was a completely different beast than the Chokebore AmRep knew, but I have to say  “it’s a miracle” was phenomenal. Way more introspective, and slower paced but completely AMAZING. Also crossed paths with Imaad Wassif (former 1/2 of lowercase) and his new band Alaska. Twas a great show.


Reformed/reconfigured Helmet at Grumpy’s Bar in Minneapolis 11/05/04

2 • 18 • 04
Long time no update. Well there hasn’t been much to report. Now there’s some news!

MELVINS are celebrating their 20th anniversary, and we’ll be releasing a limited edition 7” to commemorate the event! That and it’s become a tradition that release a single when they come to Minneapolis to play their exclusive Grumpy’s shows (almost annually). Set for release in conjunction with their March 19 & 20 shows in Minneapolis. Keep glued here to find out how to get one. It’ll be sick as we’re only making 200 for the show. It’s 2 new REAL songs called “Message Saved” & “Thank You”. We’ll be having a super finite amount for sale on website. Sleeve and poster done by the Aesthetic Apparatus folks. The lads will also be doing a book signing for their new book while in town at OX-OP (gallery). Once you see the book you’ll realize it makes total sense to have the book signing in a gallery, as the book is an amazing graphic piece that includes gobs of Melvins stuff as well as top notch art from tons of amazing folks (Obey Giant, Dalek, Camille Rose Garcia, Tim Biskup, etc etc).

DOPE, GUNS AND FUCKING UP YOUR VIDEO DECK Volumes 1-3 are all coming out on DVD! Yup somehow we squeezed all 3 volumes and an
additional 15 videos into one DVD package. Atavistic (the folks that originally released these ground-breaking video collections) are responsible for unleashing ‘em yet again. This is about as complete a visual history of a label can be. Covering AmRep’s video output from 1990-1997. Everything from Unsane’s MTV hit “Scrape”, to early Boss Hog, Cows, Melvins, Today Is The shit everybody. Stuff you’d have to fork up mucho dinero on E-Bay to get, plus 14 bonus videos originally slated for the never released (or completed) Volume 4. All 3 volumes presented in their original edits, to include the work of Rich Kronfeld (a.k.a. Dr. Sphincter). You might have seen Rich as the Host of Comedy Central’s “Let’s Bowl”, or in such movies as “Trekies” and "Six Days in Roswell" as he’s kept busy since his debuting AmRep performances.

NIAGARA “Beyond The Pale” 3 CD box set. She dragged me back in, (kicking and screaming I might add) to release this hyper limited box set (edition of 200 all signed) in conjunction with an amazing art show we hosted for her in Minneapolis at OX-OP in 2003. Covering everything from her and Ron Asheton’s (of Stooges fame ya dummy) trailblazing DESTROY ALL MONSTERS to their hefty work as DARK CARNIVAL and even some unreleased gems from VENUS & FURS as well as tons of out of print and live material. Hand printed and designed by Aesthetic Apparatus, it includes a booklet with rare and unpublished photo’s and gobs more! Check it out here.

Here’s some namedropping for you. I was driving around L.A. With Kevin Rutmanis (Melvins, Tomahawk ex-COWS) and Jello Biafra. Jello started asking me about some of the holes in his AmRep discography. To which I said, “sure just let me know what you want and I’ll send ‘em, shit’s just rotting on a shelf anyhow”. A week later I get a list of 30 some titles. Well I have to go digging around through the stockroom and pull out long buried boxes of 7”s. Now keep in mind that back in the day I always made a point of grabbing a stack of any new release and throwing them in a box. After 3 moves and 15 boxes full of 45’s we’ve decided to unload some of them. Anyone beefing about collector prices on ‘em can piss off. Most of these releases were pressed in batches of less than 1000. I really don’t see the point in selling ‘em cheap so somebody else can toss ‘em on E Bay. Some we’ll have as many as 15 available, others only a couple. Expect that page up in coming weeks!

Aside from the above, Amphetamine Reptile Records still resides in a merciful coma, where you can track down copies of long since lost releases (provided we still have any). Stores interested in wholesale can track down inventory through NAIL Distribution or e-mail us at

Me (Hazelmyer), Ron Asheton, Buzz Osbourne& Kevin Rutmanis start a new band in Detroit called Melvin Stooge’s Halo Funtime! Yeah I wish. Okay it’s really a fanboy shot where me, Buzz and Kevin got to take a snap with guitar hero/god Ron Asheton in Detroit!