Clear & Black Vinyl • Signed • Edition of 1000 Total (all sleeves and color vinyl variants included)
No shenanigans this time with the exclusive single made for the Melvins Minneapolis Juxtapoz/Grumpy’s shows, it is two original ROCKERS.  Experimental? Yes. Noise pieces? no. Buzz on guitar and vocals. Dale on drums, well except the B-side which has Grant Hart (of Husker Du fame) playing drums. HAZE XXL (Halo Of Flies) has chipped in some bass, guitar, and back up vocals as well. Two exclusive original songs with no plans for being released elsewhere anytime soon. The Melvins played 2 shows and there was a different sleeve design for each night. The singles for sale here are signed by one or more members of the band , and Grant Hart was even around to sign some himself. AmRep takes no responsibility for any of the views or opinions in some of the secret messages contained within these sleeves as they are the opinions of the band members themselves (ha-ha). The signatures are inside the sleeves and not on the outside as the sleeves are too damned pretty to go and have musicians coloring on ‘em. Before anybody starts bellyaching about the price, keep in mind these aren't out takes, we paid for Buzz to come to Minneapolis a couple months before the show to record and mix the tracks, as well as the fact that these will inevitably wind up on ebay for some ridiculous sum, so considers it an eBay tax in which the band will actually get the extra profit instead of a handful of folks buying dupes for secondary sale.

Friday night sleeve by Aesthetic Apparatus
Saturday night sleeve by Burlesque Design

Both sleeves are silk screened!

The set contains 2 sleeved 7” - one on clear vinyl, one on black. One of each sleeve design. Both copies signed.

We’re selling the set for $20.00